Kids today, right? All they like to do is play video games and stare at their phones. It’s not like it was in my day. In my day, kids played outside all day and walked uphill, in blizzards to school, every day. Kids today, do not care about anything. They have no drive or ambition. I worry about the future if they are the ones who are going to be running it.

                Have you ever had those thoughts? Be honest. We all have. It seems to be the opinion of so many people today. Kids today are not what they used to be. It is easy to have these thoughts. They do play a lot of video games and they do spend a lot of time on their phones. They do not play outside as much as we did, and hopefully they never will have to walk uphill in a blizzard both ways to school, but let me tell you something – there is a lot more to them than we give them credit for.

                This month (August) I have had the privilege (and yes, I do mean privilege) to get to spend a lot of time with the kids of our church. I have come away very impressed with them. They are some of the hardest working people that I have met in a long time. Between the mission trip in Kentucky and working in the schools trying to get the teachers ready for school, the only job that they ever said no to was one involving spiders, and I had no problem with them not performing that task (I killed the spider.)

                It is easy to look at children today and claim that they have no idea what it was like back in our day, and how hard it was. It is true. Our day was different than theirs. If we are going to be honest, we must also acknowledge that we have no idea what it is like to be a kid today. The dangers kids face today, especially associated with the electronics, are a hundred times more dangerous than what we ever faced. In some ways, we did not have nearly the stuff they have, but they have many more dangers than we faced. I am not sure it is a fair trade.

                I say all of that to point out that kids today are not worse than when we were, just different. I believe that too many times we are too quick to point out the weaknesses of kids today. Sometimes the strengths of our kids need to be pointed out, too. I can say, without a doubt, that the kids at Shallow Well are awesome. I could not be more proud of the work that they have done this month.

                I do not agree with the thought that our kids are only the future of the church. I believe that they are the present and the future of the church. And from what I saw the last three weeks, the present and the future of Shallow Well is bright.

                “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.” Psalm 8:2


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