Did you know that Shallow Well had rock stars? I do not mean like Mick Jagger or John Lennon rock stars, but people who are just as awesome as those guys. One thing I love about this church is that there are many of you who go above and beyond what is expected, and do it with joy and total commitment. In my book, that makes you a rock star (or something even better. If you do not like rock star change the term to something you like, maybe superduperstar or something.)

            Last weekend two of our Rockstar members (and one, who once was) went to prison. I mean behind barbed wire, with guards, and plenty of locks. What did they do wrong? Absolutely nothing. In fact, they voluntarily went there. They committed no crime, but they gave up their weekend to spend it in a maximum-security prison. But they didn’t just give up a weekend, they spent the last six months getting ready for this. Why would they do this? Simple. To share and show the love of Jesus to some women who truly needed it. They went to prison not as prisoners, but as people who could free prisoners from their spiritual chains. They became the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus. They invited Jennifer and me, to come to the closing, and it was extraordinary. Lives were changed through their work.

            So, who are our rock stars? They are Mary Griffin, Judy Watson, and Susan Thomas. They spent the weekend doing Kairos #9. If you do not know, Kairos means “God’s Special Time.” That is exactly what they made it (along with a lot of other women and workers.) I tried to think of how I could put into words what they did and experienced but realized I had no real idea about it. So, I asked them to. They responded by writing a few thoughts they had from their experience. I want to share them with you.

Kairos #9

Kairos #9 was an amazing weekend.  When the participants arrived for the weekend, they were happy to be there.  They were glad to finally be chosen for “their Kairos experience”.    One of the most touching moments of the weekend was when they first saw the prayer chain introduced.  Their first thought was “that is nice that people are praying”.  As the day went by, more and more prayer chain was introduced.  With tears in her eyes, one Inmate at my table said “this is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed.  To think, these people are praying for us.  I never realized anyone cared what happened to us.”


The thing that occurs to me each time I go into the prison, is the fact that these inmates are people, like us, who have made wrong choices and poor decisions.  No matter what they have done, God loves them and offers them his forgiveness if they ask for it.  Should we do any less?  He forgives us when we sin, and he also forgives the Prisoner when they sin.  Many, on this Kairos weekend asked God to forgive them.  Their Christian walk will not be an easy one, so please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you for your donations, prayers and words of encouragement as we prepared and took part of the Kairos #9 Weekend.   Your support means a lot to us on the Kairos Team.

                See, I told you we had rock stars. People who go above and beyond what most people expect from them. People who put aside their fears, and shared the love of Jesus with people most of us would never get to talk to (and if we were honest, probably would not want to talk to.) The next time you see them, give them a big hug. Let them know how excited you are for their work. Maybe even ask them how you can get involved in such a magnificent work. They will be glad to share with you.

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