Imagine that one day you were sitting with your family at the Chinese buffet. You were minding your own business when you happened to hear a conversation from the booth behind you. In that booth, there were four people in it. An older couple and a younger couple. You were trying your best to not eavesdrop, but they were talking loud enough that it was not much work to hear what was being said. The younger couple were thinking about getting married and they were seeking out the advice of a couple that they knew had been married a long time.

                The older couple listened to the younger couple talk about how much they were in looooovvvveeee and they could not wait to get married. They talked in the sickly, sweet way that young people talk about each other. You could almost hear the old man’s eyes rolling. The young couple asked the old couple what the secret to a long marriage was. Now, you had forgot about trying to not listen in and were straining your ears to hear. Obviously, this couple had been together forever. You wanted to know the key to a long marriage. This was going to be good. In fact, you just turned around to hear.

                The old man cleared his throat. You elbowed your spouse to get his/her attention. You gave your kids the look that said quit hitting each other with noodles and listen. This old man was about to dispense marital wisdom. In a deep voice, he said,” The key to a long marriage is to quit talking to each other. Communication is way overrated. All you really need to do is just say the exact same thing to each other every day, and it would be best if you did it at the same time each day. Save your words for when there is a real need for them. Not only does she not need to hear about your day, she doesn’t want to. The less you say, the better, that way, when you have something important to say or really need something your words will have that much more meaning.”  The old women chimed in, “It’s true. He is way too busy to hear about my day. He has much more important things to worry about than me.”

                You are shocked. You know this is not right. These people must be joking. You keep listening, waiting for the punch line. It never comes. Soon, the old couple gets up to get another plate of sweet and sour pork. You yell to the young couple to forget what they just said. The key to a happy marriage is communication. Tell each other everything. If the one you looovvvveeee does not care about your day, then he does not looovvveee you. If you are not the most important person in his life, find someone else. If he is too busy to listen, then he is too busy for you. The young couple, although a little shocked at the passion and loudness of your response, are thankful. They quietly leave the restaurant. The old couple comes back. They do not even realize the other couple has left. They finish their dinner in absolute silence.

                Hopefully this has never happened to you. Hopefully people gave you the right advice about communication. Unfortunately, many Christians who might communicate perfectly with important people in their lives, have very little communication with God. One of the great weaknesses of the Christian and the Christian church is the lack of prayer. Maybe you did not realize that prayer was simply communicating with God, but that is exactly what it is.

                We would never suggest to anyone to not worry about talking to their loved ones, but how often do we do this to God? A survey that I read said that we spend somewhere between 2 to 16 minutes in prayer a day. If we use the higher number that means, we spend about 1% of our day in prayer. It would be easy to imagine that some of that 16 minutes are nothing more than rote prayers we use for meal time. Take away the three minutes of meal prayer and most Americans spend about .9% of their day in prayer.

                I know that it is not always fair to throw numbers at people and tell them to straighten up. My goal in this post is not to guilt you into praying more. Guilt might get an immediate response, but it rarely leads to lasting change. I simply share those numbers with you to make you think. Some of you may be thinking that it is none of my business how much you pray. I disagree. As your associate pastor your spiritual life is of the utmost importance to me. Some of you may be thinking that I have no idea how busy you are, and if you knew then giving God 16 minutes is pretty good. I do know how busy you are. You are as busy as the rest of us. Some of you might be thinking that you are ashamed of how little you pray. I am right there with you. I do not pray nearly enough, either. Whatever your thoughts are, the truth is that for most of us, we really do need to improve our prayer life.

                Prayer may be the single most important thing that we do every day. It is through prayer that we learn more about God, learn more about what we should be doing in our life, and have the greatest impact on others. The more time we spend with God, the stronger our Christian walk and witness. The more time we spend with God, the stronger we will become. Prayer is not just something that we simply have to do. It should be something that we desire to do.

                Some of you may be wondering why I am spending time talking about prayer. The answer is simple. I believe in it. I believe in it for my personal time and for my family. I believe so much in it that it is a major part of our Wednesday night Bible study. We are going to take time each Wednesday to pray for each other. I want you to be a part of it. I want you to be someone who not only knows that prayer is important, but also someone who spends more that 1% of their day in it. I want prayer to become so important to us that praying is just a natural part of our day. Because of this, I am going to post three different blogs about prayer. My next post will be some helpful tips on how to pray. After that I will write about how God responds to prayer. I hope that these posts will be beneficial to you. And just so you know, I am praying for Shallow Well and for you.


                On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. With the immortal words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Man had done something that only 10 years earlier, most people would have thought to be impossible. I wonder what was going through his mind as he did the unimaginable.

                For me, what I wonder the most about was what was he thinking about the night before? I know he had to be both nervous and excited, but what else was going through his mind. I imagine that he had his mental checklist out, going over it. Coolant system on? Check. Camera fixed correctly? Check. Words to say to impress all of America and never be forgotten? Check.

                On February 22, 2017, Shallow Well will begin a new adventure. We will begin our Wednesday night Bible study (I know that the church has done it before, but bear with me on this. I’m being dramatic.) Although it is not as big as walking on the moon, it does have the chance to really change lives. I believe that God has something incredible planned for us through this.

                I know that only in my dreams, am I as important as Neil Armstrong, but I am going through my mental checklist to make sure Wednesday night it ready. Time picked out? Check – Wednesdays at 6:30. Study chosen? Check – the book of Daniel. Music? Check. Someone to watch small kids? Check. Brilliant article written to inspire people to come? Maybe.

                To be completely honest, I have no idea what to expect. In my head, I see 100 people showing up to learn more about the Bible and to pray. But I would be excited if a dozen came. The reality should be somewhere in the middle. I hope that many of you plan on being there.

                Why should you show up? I think the most important reason is that God will be there. Also, you should show up to study the Bible. This is an awesome time for us to get together and pray for lost people, sick people, and those who have a special need. Furthermore, it’s a time just for us to worship together. Corporate worship is very important for Christians.

                Another important reason for you to come is that a middle of the week Bible study is perfect to refresh yourself for the rest of your week. Spiritually, a great Sunday service keeps me excited for a couple of days. After that, the normal wear and tear of the week starts to drag me down. By Thursday night, I am spent. This means that I tend to finish the week dragging and of very little use. I do not want that. I want my week to end just as on fire for Jesus as I started. I believe that a Wednesday night service, which conveniently falls in the middle of the week, is just the refresher I need to finish strong.

                I hope that all of you will plan to attend the Bible study. For those of you that have trouble getting out at night, Pastor Donnie will be doing a Bible study at 10:30 Wednesday morning at the church. He, too, would love to have a big crowd for that. For those of you who like to overachieve and can, you can come to both. You get a double shot of Bible.

                I am excited about what God is doing here, but I am even more excited about what God wants to do at Shallow Well. There are some great and awesome things that God wants to do with us and through us. The only real question is will we let Him? I hope so. I am looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday night. The dress is casual and all you need is to bring your Bible and something to write with. God will do the rest.


               42 years ago, today, January 24, I gloriously and triumphantly entered this world. I am sure that all of you remember exactly where you were when you heard the news of my birth. Walter Cronkite (if you don’t know who he was, Google him) led his evening news with the announcement. President Gerald Ford took time out of his day to offer his congratulations. The United Nations paused their activities to applaud this great event. Times Square in New York City through a huge party in my honor.

                Truthfully, none of those things happened (I know that many of you might have thought so) except that I was born on this day. The heralded Dallas New Era did publish a birth announcement that was read by at least a hundred people. There were not really parties and events scheduled for that day.

                As I think back on the previous 42 years I realize that I have lived a very blessed and fortunate life. I grew up in a two-parent home. I always had everything that I needed. I had two sisters that I could stand to be in the same room with (just kidding, I love my sisters.) I got through high school without being stuffed in a locker. I have two degrees that I received with no college debt attached to them. I married the most beautiful woman in the world who loves me, even though I can be a pain sometimes. I have a smart, handsome son who hasn’t decided that I don’t know anything yet (he is 11. I say give him two more years and dad will become useless except for money), and a precious little girl who still likes to hold my hand. I work at a church that I love and excites me for its future. I have a good life.

                I also know that my good life is a product of God’s love, mercy, and blessing on me. I know this because the Bible tells me so. James 1:17 says, ”Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above…” All of the good in my life is because my Father in heaven has chosen to bless me. I do not know why I have been chosen for this life that I have, but I am grateful for it. I am grateful that when I was seven the Gospel was presented in such a way that I knew I was a sinner and I needed Jesus, so I asked him to be my personal Lord and savior. I am grateful that I had a mom who took me to church every time the doors were open. I am grateful that I had a church that was kind, warm and loving. I am grateful for my call into ministry. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for Shallow Well Church.

                I know that many people look at their birthdays as just another day. They only recognize that they have just made another trip around the sun. I do not want to be that type of person. I want each year to bring me closer to God, my family, and my church. I want each of my 365 days a year to mean much more than the passing of time. I want to live in such a way that one day I will hear my Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I also want to live in a way that will encourage each of you to live in that way also. The best birthday present I can receive is to know that all of the people that I care about the most will receive the same reward in heaven that I will receive, if not even more of a reward than I receive.

                Now, I must be off. President Trump is calling. I am sure it is to tell me that my birthday will be “HUUUGE.”


“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

                When I was in high school there was a guy who did not like me. He probably was not the only one (I could be slightly sarcastic, before sarcasm was cool), but he was the only one who I could not figure out why. One day in class he told me he wanted to beat me up, but not in such nice terms. I think I laughed at him. My laughter did not help the situation. Fortunately, we never fought, although I felt pretty confident in the art of fisticuffs. This kid considered me his enemy.

                I am sure that we have all felt like that guy. Somebody gave us a wrong look and they went on our list. Possibly they said something we did not agree with and they became our public enemy number one. If you are like me, the person posted something that went against my beliefs and I was ready to fight.

                The truth is, I struggle sometimes realizing who my real enemy is. A politician is not my enemy (this does not mean that we have to support everything they do.) Tom Brady is not my enemy (yes, I am bitter over the Falcons losing the Super Bowl.) As a Christian, even a radical Muslim who seeks my death is not my enemy. I need to be wary of him, but our battle is not against him.

                Paul tells us in Ephesians that our real enemy is Satan and his demons who wish to destroy us. The politician who is on the opposite side of the aisle, the guy/girl who posts things we do not agree with, the atheist who disagrees with my faith, or the radical Muslim is not who I fight against. They are who we are fighting for. I stand in my faith in Jesus to win the politician, the Facebooker, the atheist, and the Muslim. Satan wants to have them condemned to Hell with him for all of eternity. He hates them as much as he hates us. He is the real enemy, and as long as he has us fighting the wrong people he wins.

                We fight this battle with truth, mercy, and grace. We must stand on the Word of God and not allow ourselves to be compromised, but also stand with compassion. We must guard ourselves from letting harshness invade us. We must be willing to accept insults and persecution in order to win the lost. We must stand like Jesus. We must stand against injustice and for the hurting.

                I do not want you to think that I believe that you should not stand up for what you believe in. If you want to argue with someone on Facebook, more power to you (you are not going to win many arguments online.) You want to put a political sign on your car or in your yard, that is fine. You can stand for any number of things. Just remember that the real battle is not against the people that do not agree with you. The real battle is against Satan.

                I also believe that it is worth noting that the war we are fighting is already won. The birth of Jesus, was a time of great spiritual conflict, as God in flesh appeared on earth to redeem mankind and defeat the hordes of hell. We already have victory and peace in the war with evil and death. Our greatest, and only true enemy, has already been defeated Our battle is to make sure that he does not take more people with him. Let us work hard to achieve this outcome.


           Two summers ago I stood in the parking lot of the Lorraine Hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. I stood not far from the spot where he was shot. I turned around and saw where his killer shot from. I watched the people around me as they looked at the same places I looked. Some stood with tears in their eyes. Others looked slightly bewildered.

             A few hours earlier, I was helping pump gas at a local gas station for a church. I pumped gas for all types of peoples with all types of skin color and all types of beliefs. An hour after standing at the Lorraine Hotel I walked down Beale Street. Once again, I stood shoulder to shoulder with people who were different than me.

             As I think about Dr. King’s legacy, that trip to Memphis, and racial issues in the present, I have conflicting emotions. I am sad that we still live in a country where people are judged based on the color of our skin. I get angry when I see people use this for their benefit. I get excited when I see people of different races living, working, and playing together.

             Ultimately, when I think of Dr. King, I think of Jesus. I truly believe that Dr. King was pushed to do what he did based on his personal relationship with Jesus. If this country has any hope of reconciliation, it will not come from people yelling at each other or trying to force people to believe a certain set of beliefs. The only hope that we have is in Jesus.

             When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was (Matthew 22:36-40), he told us that it was to “Love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, and with all your mind.” He did not end the conversation right there. He added the second greatest commandment. He told us “to love your neighbor as yourself.” After that, he astonishingly told us that “all the Law and all the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” In other words, the Old Testament was built on loving God and loving others. If we are to truly please God, then we must love our neighbors. The Bible teaches us that everyone we come across is our neighbors (Luke 10:25-37). In fact, in the Parable of the Good Samaritan the true neighbor was a person quite unlike who people would have imagined was the neighbor.

               I believe that racial issues are a heart issue. Heart issues are only solved through Jesus. If we want to see a better world we must not only live the life that Jesus calls us to live, we must also share Jesus with others. A world that loves Jesus and lives for Jesus is a world where we all will get along.


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