As outlined in the current church by-laws and constitution:

It shall be the duty of the Pastor to set a good example to the congregation; to conduct all services on Sundays, holidays, and such other days as the congregation may desire; to direct the work of religious education; administer the Holy Sacraments; visit the sick; comfort the distressed; labor in public and private for the conversion of sinners; and to perform all such duties as belong to the Pastor’s office in the United Church of Christ. The Pastor shall become a member of the Church and of the conference of which the Church is a member at the first opportunity.

The Pastor shall supervise all persons employed for duties relating to those duties which are the responsibility of the Pastor. Recommendations for employment and/or dismissal of any person under the supervision of the Pastor shall require the approval of the Board of Deacons.

The Pastor shall keep a record of all services performed and make report at all Church Council meetings.


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