Ah, snow days. The Johnston’s current situation has one child in his room watching an Indiana Jones movie by himself (got to love pre-teens), while the other has turned our living room into her personal playroom complete with her Minnie Mouse kitchen. Hot chocolate has been drunk, pajamas have been worn all day, and plenty of binge watching of A&E shows. Snow days are enjoyable.

                Both of my kids love snow days, but for different reasons. Caleb loves snow days because he gets to stay out of school. A snow day means that he does not have to go to bed early and he doesn’t have to get up early. He gets to spend the day sitting around. Charissa loves snow days because she loves playing in it. She loves trying to make snowmen, snow angels, and throwing snowballs. Two different kids with different reasons for loving snow days.

                I have noticed that people kind of feel the same about church. Many people that love church, love it for different reasons. I love church for the Bible teaching. I can put up with bad music, uncomfortable seats, and rude people (I don’t believe that Shallow Well has any of those) as long as the preacher is correctly teaching the Word of God. My wife loves church for the community part of it. She loves how church members help sharpen each other, the fellowship of the saints. We both love church for different reasons.

                I know that not everyone loves the church. Many have been hurt by it, and some simply reject the teachings of it. We should strive to help with the healing of those who have been hurt, and we should have answers for those who reject the teachings.

                I hope that those who are reading this loves the church as much as I do. I would love to hear what you love about the church the most. More than anything though, is I want you to invite people to the church. The best way to get people into church, is to invite them into church. I know that sounds simple, but it actually works. Let us all make it a goal this year to invite as many people as possible to church this year.

Pastor Marty

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