The hardest part of the Johnston’s moving to Sanford was dealing with all the stuff we had collected (sorry mom, I love you and miss you). Even before we packed one box of the things that we used regularly, we had at least 20 boxes of unpacked things to make a decision about. We decided to have a yard sale. I dreaded the day we chose to do it. I knew the work that would be involved. We had to advertise, get tables, sort through everything (seriously, Who knew Charissa’s clothes would fill so many giant bags? She is such a girl!), price and label everything, and then set it up outside, so that complete strangers could rummage through our things, while judging our tastes.

                The day of the yard sale turned out to not be the ideal day for yard saleing. It was cold with, what felt like, a 100-mph wind. A clothes rack kept falling over. Clothes were constantly flying off the tables, and not in a good, moneymaking way. The good thing was that it was not raining. My mom was kind enough to take the kids for the day, so it was just my loving wife and me. We kept making excuses to be able to go inside where it was warm and no wind. The weather was keeping all the potential customers away. I kept a steady eye on the time, wishing it to speed up so we could finish.

                At the end of the allotted time we closed shop. It was not the best yard sale that we had ever been involved in, but we still made money. We also accomplished our goal of getting rid of a lot of our unneeded stuff. There would be quite a few less boxes to move (and the men and women who helped us unload our truck and climb three flights of stairs with it said amen.) It was work, but at the end of it, it was worth it.

                Now, why would I tell you about a yard sale experience? It is because, as a church, we are going to have a yard sale. On May 20, from 8-1, we will be doing one. It is going to be a little different than other ones. We are not asking you to donate your unneeded treasures for us to sell and then dispose of. We are going to ask you to “rent” a space from us, for you to sell your stuff. You will pay us $30 to get one of the parking spaces that will be set apart (or if you have a lot of stuff, you can rent two for $60.) You will sale your stuff and keep the profits. You can sell whatever you want that is church appropriate. If you have tools to sell, bring them. If you have children’s clothes, bring it. If you sell women’s clothes that look like a rainbow exploded on them you can sell them. If you make crafts and need a place to sell, bring them. Every church member and family of church members are invited to be a part of this (also if you have real close friends that you do not mind vouching for, they can be a part of our yard sale.)

                Here is the cool part (besides getting rid of things and making money). The money that you pay the church for the spot will be going for our mission trip to Kentucky. We have 26 people going. Although we found a very cost-efficient trip, we still have a lot to pay for. We have quite a few parents with their kids going. I want each person to have to pay as little as possible, and this is a fantastic way to do it. Many of you have said that you want to help with this trip, and this gives you a way to help. You get to give to us, while making something for yourself.

                I really hope that many of you will take part in this event. We need as many people as we can get to be involved. The more people we have selling, the more people that will show up. I will be giving more details as we get closer to the event. If you are interested, please let me know. If you know people that might be interested, but will not read this, let them know.

                As always, I love you guys and I am thankful to be a part of this wonderful church.


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