A Matter of Heart - An Update 

By Rev. Donald Thompson

As I write this on June 25, 2014, I have just been to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for a heart biopsy (I am going every two weeks right now, and after I go in two weeks I'll go once a month) to make sure there are no signs of my body rejecting the new heart. I have to be there at 7:30 am where they prep me for the procedure which is done about 8:30 am. After that I go for an ultrasound of the heart to make sure everything is functioning properly. I then return home and I get a call in the early evening giving me the results. Good news once again, everything is fine and no sign of rejection! I give thanks to God for my great blessings. I continue to recover from my heart transplant without any complications (the medical staff tells me they expect at least one serious episode of rejection/infection, but so far so good)


I am trying now to get back to my normal routine, and plan to preach and lead Holy Communion on July 6. I will still need to exercise precautions about touching people (just in case someone may be getting sick and not know, etc.), and being in a lot of close contact with crowds of people. I still haven't been to nursing homes since there tends to be more sickness in places like that. All this will change as I get further out from the transplant and my body adjusts to the lower immune system. In the mean time I hope you understand if I don't shake your hand or hug you, nothing personal, just being cautious.


I am truly grateful for the love and support I've felt through my journey over the past 18 months. I couldn't have made it with knowing of your prayers and support. It tough being the one cared for, when you're used to being the one providing care, but I've learned some good lessons from all this. I can't explain why I have been so blessed (I surely don't deserve it), but I give thanks to God that I have. Perhaps God has used this journey of mine to give encouragement to others who are going through trials and tribulations in their own lives - I don't know, but I do know that God uses those situations sometimes. So, keep the faith, "for in due season we shall reap if we faint not..." (Gal. 6:9)


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