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Featured Events

Monday, November 27:
7 pm             Cub Scouts

Tuesday, November 28:
10 am           Learn & Lunch Bible Study - Proverbs

Wednesday, November 29:
7 pm            Boy Scouts
7 pm            Evening Bible Study - The Lord's Prayer

Thursday, November 30:
6:30 pm       Choir Practice

Sunday, December 3:
10 am           Sunday School
10:55 am      Christmas Cantata
4 pm             Christmas Play Practice

Monday, December 4:
7 pm             Cub Scouts

Tuesday, December 5:
10 am           Learn & Lunch Bible Study - Proverbs

Wednesday, December 6:
7 pm             Boy Scouts
7 pm             Evening Bible Study - The Lord's Prayer

Thursday, December 7:
6:30 pm         Men's Bible Study

Saturday, December 9:  
11:30 - 2 pm  Christmas Luncheon for Widows, Widowers and Senior Singles at Shallow Well Church Fellowship Hall, 1220 Broadway Rd, Sanford, NC.  If you have a family member, caretaker or friend that will be accompanying you to the luncheon, they are also welcome to participate!  Contact Michael Tannenbaum if you need a ride to the Luncheon.  Frank Brown and his group of musicians will be singing old gospel hymns.  Pastor Eric Burmahl will be giving the devotion.  This luncheon will be catered by Faye Schulz from Mrs. Lacy's Magnolia House.  Please RSVP by December 2 to Michael Tannenbaum, 910-580-0403 or Faith Tannenbaum, 678-592-3218.

College Student Mentoring Project 

When a young adult moves away from their home and family for college or work, it is an exciting time.  However, it is also a time for them to learn how to navigate being an adult.  These young adults need our prayers and well wishes more than ever!

We are fortunate to have many young adults that are a part of our church family, but they may not be able to come to worship in person with us weekly.  It would be very important for our church family to let these new adults know that we are thinking of them, wishing them success in their new endeavors, and praying for them as a church.  Please try to remind these grown-up children of our church that we still care and miss them by sending them a card, letter, small token of their Christian faith, package, etc.  The two Bible Study groups at Shallow Well are sponsoring an outreach program to help everyone to remember and contact the young adults.  We have set up baskets in the Narthex with their names so you can drop anything in the baskets that you wish to have forwarded to the students.  You can also send letters or cards on your own.  Mary Griffin has a list of names and addresses in the church office.  You can either pick it up in person or request a copy via email at swcsecretary@minister.com.

If you need to add a student/young adult to the list or have other questions about this project, please contact Beth Haas at 919-356-2578.  Beth will also be responsible for distributing the basket contents to the students/young adults.


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Shallow Well Church Community Outreach

The CUOC food item for November is individual packets of oatmeal and personal hygiene items.

Remember, we are collecting used eyeglasses and reading glasses for the Sanford Lions Club.  Put them in the bin in the Narthex and we will send them to the organization.

Come To The Well

Shallow Well Church (SWC) exists to bring glory to God and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to live out Colossians 1:10, which exhorts us to "walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing much fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God (NASB)." When you visit SWC, be assured that we preach and teach from the Word of God (the Bible). So if you are looking for a church that loves God and others, please come visit us!

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